G2000 Harrier Ladder Rack Crash Test

At Gentili US we take safety and durability quite seriously. This is why our G2000 Harrier ladder rack has undergone the famous ladder rack crash test, to ensure all our customers of its performance. The test involved a destructing maneuver performed on the product, required by the European regulation ECE R17. By the end of the experiment, the ladder rack appears to be in steady shape, fitted with all its initial components.

This process guarantees the quality of our ladder racks, ensuring all our customers of the compliance of safety design standards and our reliability. Check out the videos to find out more on the performance of the ladder rack during the test!

Guaranteed Safety of the G2000 Harrier ladder rack being crash tested
(lateral view)

The G2000 Harrier ladder rack has been properly proved by CSI in Milan where it underwent a destructive testing to ensure safe design standards and reliability. During the impact, the Gentili ladder rack has been crash-tested at 20g according to European regulation ECE R17, as the video shows the ladder rack kept steady and in place without losing any components.

Witness the G2000 Harrier ladder rack safety and rigidity test!
(top view)

In order to guarantee the sturdiness of the G2000 Harrier ladder rack, the Milan CSI team performed a crash test showing the outcome on top view. Results were spectacular. As the video witnesses, the ladder rack developed by Gentili US ensures safety and rigidity after being crash tested according to European standards. With all its components in place, this product proves to be robust as well as durable.

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