The G2000 Harrier Drop Down Ladder Rack

The G2000 Harrier drop down ladder rack here at Gentili US, is one of our most innovative designs. This product can be used as a ladder rack for vans, trucks or any other vehicle as it is compatible with mostly anything on the market. It guarantees fast and secure loading and unloading of ladders without any extra effort.

The G2000 Harrier drop down ladder rack is composed of two horizontal bars, adjustable ladder retainers and a ladder rack lock. Its characteristics include vertical effortless release, compatibility with any ladder and any vehicle, durability and most importantly, pleasing aesthetics through our Italian design. Its new and improved features increase performance and efficiency, therefore making it easier and safer for our customers to use.

The G2000 Harrier ladder rack by Gentili

The conclusive solution for carrying ladders on any vehicle

Quick and easy loading and unloading of ladders from any vehicle roof. The G2000 Harrier is the best-performing ladder rack on the market because it makes the operators' task much easier securing them from any risk and effort.


Long-Lasting Equipment

A very durable equipment made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel components, it can last over time against utmost climate conditions, tough use and frequent operations. On the ladder rack's manual, there are all tips on maintenance in order to preserve it. Gentili G2000 Harrier ladders rack is certified by TUV GS in terms of security and has passed the 20g crash test according to European regulation ECE R17. An innovative concept to raise investment value.

Italian Design

Gentili ladder rack is an Italian product meaning it has been developed with love and enthusiasm in any aspect, from design to the performance, one strictly bound to the other. Design and aerodynamics have been matched to reduce air impact, noise and gasoline consumption. In 2015 the G2000 Harrier ladder rack was selected as one of the best products in the section "Design for work" at ADI Design Index.

Ladder Lock

The ladder lock is an optional item. It can be added to the G2000 Harrier ladder rack to secure the ladder to the ladder rack. The locking system is made of stainless steel and it can be adjusted in terms of height, to fit a different type of ladder. By placing a padlock, this further fastening system becomes an anti-theft system locking ladder and ladder rack together.

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