Ladder Rack for Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are great vehicles to add ladder racks to. They are already halfway through becoming great mobile workshops. With the addition of a ladder rack the transformation is complete! Ladder racks for pickup trucks are great additions that can maximise the load capacity of your pickup and help it reach its full potential by utilised every leftover space as a loading area. They are easy to install and uninstall on the truck for whenever a ladder is needed, and cause no extra strain to the vehicle.

Gentili Us pickup truck ladder racks are durable, lightweight equipment which are compatible with most ladder models in the market. They protect the front of the truck from ladder movements and are perfect for all contractors and other professionals who have to travel long distances. They guarantee the safety of the ladder and most importantly the safety of the driver!

Flexible design for pickup truck racks

Our pickup truck racks are designed to be compatible with any pickup available out there. Universality and flexibility are important features of all our models. We manufacture and distribute various types of ladder rack for pickup trucks, differing in size, width and weight so any operator can choose the one that fits them best. Our designs are based on Italian principles, paying attention to both aesthetics as well as functionality.

The G2000 Harrier Slide Type 1 is a perfect ladder rack system for a pickup truck. It reaches a length of 98.42 inches and a width of 18.38 inches. The whole system weighs only 79 lb and it is made of anodised aluminium. This ladder rack can carry and transport ladders of 26.06 inches in length. It is easy to mount on the pickup truck’s available space and it is also user-friendly.

Find your pickup truck ladder racks

You can find the best pickup truck ladder racks at Gentili US. Our products allow workers to manoeuvre under safe and guarded conditions. The pickup truck ladder racks have no paints or additives, which is also a healthier solution for the operator, as well as the environment. In addition, they require lower maintenance and almost no extra fuel consumption by the pickup truck.

Call a dealer in your area to order your product as soon as you can. We deliver anywhere in Canada and the US in a few short days. You can find a dealer close to you by simply adding a zip code and the radius you are willing to travel to. All our dealers represent the Gentili brand and can offer you the most fitting solution for your pickup truck. Contact us today!

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