Ladder Rack for Vans

Our Gentili US ladder rack for vans is an innovative product, designed within the framework of the famous Italian style. It has been manufactured using cutting edge technology that allows for the product to be safe, flexible and easy to use by any operator. In addition, our ladder racks are designed with sustainability in mind. They are produced using eco-friendly materials which are lightweight and cause no harm neither to the operator, nor to the vehicle.

Our van ladder racks are appropriate for any type of van roof, and can be mounted on any horizontal surface available on the vehicle. Universality is one of our main features, providing a solution to everyone for quick loading and unloading of the ladder to the ground. Additionally, our van roof ladder rack also provides secure transportation of the ladder during a trip, offering the operator that much needed peace of mind!

Main features of a Gentili van ladder rack

The Gentili can ladder rack comes in two main formats, the single drop down ladder rack and the double drop down ladder rack. The first format is represented by the G2000 Harrier model while the second one is mostly known by the G2000 Maxi model. The difference between the two being, one can carry only one ladder on top while the second can transport and operate with two ladder simultaneously.

Our van ladder racks can work with most ladder types available. They are flexible, durable and are made of aluminum, a lightweight and sustainable material. In addition, the van ladder racks are fitted with adjustable retainers to provide stability during transportation. They also have adjustable load stops to stop the ladder from moving when driving, and hold it securely in place. The main feature however, is vertical release, which makes loading and unloading easier.

Gentili US van ladder racks for sale

All of our van ladder racks are designed to maximise productivity during work, and provide a profitable upgrade to the van itself. Whether it is one or two ladders that you need to bring on your van, our practical solution will be easy to assemble on the van as well as simple to use by the operator. The main objective of our product however is to increase the safety of the operator during transportation and usage of the ladder.

This is why our ladder racks are fitted with a strong hydraulic system to secure the ladders on the van and provide quick and easy vertical release, an innovation in the market.

If you are looking for a van ladder rack for sale, then find the closest dealer to your home. All our dealers represent the Gentili brands and can provide the best information available on ladder racks.

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